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Dante Thorpe, coolness personified. Cortez Edwards from Worcester Wolves looks on.Dante Thorpe, Glasgow RocksGareth Murray celebrates at the end of an exciting matchGareth Murray successfully scores from the free throw in the last minute to seal the win against Worcester WolvesMaarten Bouwknecht and Mark Hughes, Worcester WolvesAli Fraser's back-flip two pointer v Worcester WolvesAmir Williams and Maarten Bouwknecht, Worcester WolvesDante Thorpe, Glasgow RocksAnother basket for Ali FraserGareth Murray on the rampageGreg Pryor, Glasgow RocksWorcester Wolves Kofi Josephs tries to stop Maxime Djo EbalaRocks v Wolves, the second period of overtimeAnother basket for Maxime Djo EbalaJordan Williams, Worcester WolvesAmir Williams out jumps Maxime Djo EbalaGreg Pryor and Mark HughesMaarten Bouwknecht, Worcester WolvesGreg Pryor is crowded out by Cortez Edwards and the Worcester defenceJordan Williams out-jumps the Rocks defence